Shareit Not Working on Android, iPhone? Fixes, Troubleshooting and More

Shareit Not Working? It is one of the most favourite apps of many of us. In this app, you can send and receive videos and pictures in their original quality without disturbing the quality of the picture. But this application has certain bugs which can create problems while using the application. This causes the app to shut down again and again and you cannot use it effectively. You can sometimes use the app by updating the old version. Another major problem shareit face is when the exchange occurs between two different platforms. When you transfer a file from one android phone to another it will simply transfer the file without any problem.

But when you transfer a file from android to iOS or to laptop then the app keeps crashing sometimes. The app is available across a large number of platforms and widely preferred by many as it does not spoil the picture quality of the images or the videos.

Shareit Not Working on Android, iPhone? Fix

So, if in your device if Shareit  not working properly you can try out the following tricks.

Tips to solve shareit problems

  • Always make sure that the location is turned on. This is important for the functioning of the shareit app.
  • Turn on the hotspot in your phone
  • If you are facing problems even after this then open shareit
  • Go to the settings menu and clear caches
  • Clear cache and data from the shareit app
  • If nothing works then uninstall shareit & update to the latest version. The latest version usually has several bugs fixed on it.

Tips to solve shareit problems when connecting phone and laptop or desktop

  • Open the shareit app from the desktop
  • Open hotspot on mobile and choose the PC search mobile option.
  • Click on the search hotspot option.
  • Choose your hotspot icon from the desktop
  • The two devices will get connected

This is one of the best and easiest methods of using shareit.

Please see if the following steps helps you solve the issue

Delete the data and cache of the application from
Settings >> apps >> app name >> storage

Force close the app from
Settings >> apps >> app name

Restart the mobile and delete system cache in recovery mode

The problem to transfer file between Android and iPhone using shareit

If you are facing problem to connect an iPhone and an Android device then just try to switch on the hotspot of the iPhone and then connect the Android device through this hotspot. This will help you connect more easily and the connection will last longer without the app crashing again and again. You can try the same trick for MacBook or iMac as well. Even after this if you see that Shareit not working then it is best to uninstall the app and download it again in your device.

Thus, overall shareit is a good application to transfer not only media files from one device to another but also helps to transfer any application between devices or any document you want to transfer. This is preferred by many around the globe due to its ease of use but the app sometimes keeps crashing which is not a pleasant experience. The developers of this app are hopefully working towards this issue to solve such a problem.

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