Download SHAREit APK for Android

SHAREit APK: SHAREit is the file transferring and receiving application designed mainly for Android devices. It makes transferring and receiving of data and files a breeze for Android users. It can instantly transfer large data and files and even receives the file from other SHAREit users rapidly. The application makes use of Wi-Fi technology to work and hence the speed of file sharing and receiving is faster than other methods used today. So, if you want to share files and large data and even applications from one device to another, then ensure downloading SHAREit App on your Android device. SHAREit is the official application which is legally available on Google Play Store. So, you won’t find any difficulty in downloading the application on your Android device for easy and faster transferring of data and apps.

Download SHAREit APK for Android (Latest Version 4.7.18)

Requirements for SHAREit App Download on Android Device

Before you start the downloading process of the SHAREit App on Android, it is necessary to confirm that your Android device meets all specific requirements for successful downloading. Below is the list of requirements which your device must meet in order to get the SHAREit App installed successfully on the Android device!

  • Your Android device must have at least 5.54MB of free space in internal memory
  • It needs to be connected to high-speed internet for faster downloading of APK files of SHAREit
  • You need to have a valid Google Email ID for Google Play Store Login
  • Must have Battery above 80%

How to Download SHAREit App on Android Device?

As mentioned already, SHAREit is the officially available application and you can easily get the app downloaded from the Google Play Store. You are required to follow a few simple steps in order to complete the downloading process of SHAREit App.

  • Login with Google Play Store using your Gmail account and if you don’t have one, then ensure to create one Google Account and use the Gmail ID to login with Google Play Store.
  • After you login with your Gmail ID, you need to go to the search bar of the App Store and type the name “SHAREit” manually and hit the enter bar. From the search list, you are required to click on the SHAREit icon
  • Once you will click on the SHAREit icon the downloading process of the APK files would start automatically. You need to wait till the time APK files are completely downloaded. It depends on the speed of the internet and it may take some time to get successfully downloaded.
  • After the APK files of SHAREit App is downloaded, the installation process will start automatically and you need to wait till the installation is done successfully on your Android device.
  • After the SHAREit App is successfully installed on your Android device you need to launch the app on your Android device. The icon will be created on the homepage of the device from where you need to launch the application and start sharing and receiving files through SHAREit App.

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