Shareit Alternatives 2019 : Apps Like Shareit for Android

Shareit Alternatives 2019 – Shareit was started with the purpose of transferring files from one device to another. These files can be in the form of text, pdf, audio, video including photos. It can be installed in Windows, Andriod and iOS devices. Shareit is currently available in 39 different languages. It was released in 2015 with eyeing good market in the international market. Its license is freeware and can be downloaded easily. The user base of shareit is very big. Owners of Shareit launched several other utility apps for the users. There is an ongoing debate for Shareit alternative in the market.

Shareit Alternatives : Apps Like Shareit for Android

Shareit Alternatives

AShareit uses a secure connection for transferring the files. It has a speed faster than other sharing applications. The other way to transfer the file includes:

  • Bluetooth
  • NFC
  • USB drives

The protocols for sharing the files offered by USB drives are not safe. The speed of transfer in Bluetooth is slow with the limitation of range. This application offers entertainment from videos, films, games with many collaborated partners. Shareit is reaching new heights every day with 1.5 billion users at present.

Why People Are Looking towards Shareit Alternative?

People are looking for a different alternative as sharing applications are freely available on the play store. Intelligence agencies suggest that Shareit comes with spyware. Official statements were released by the developers denying this accusation.

It is a peer-to-peer sharing application, so Shareit started a collaboration with Google on various programs.

The app promotes various advertisements which are really annoying for the users. Users started looking for best Shareit alternative.

Top 4 Alternatives For  Shareit:

  1. Files Go

It is designed and developed by Google. It is completely safe and wonderful with great UI design.  Users can save and delete all the discarded items so that they are not stored in temporary or cache files.

  1. Mi Drop

It is developed by Xiaomi for Mi customers with Android operating system. The transfer of files in this app is seamless. Users can use their PC to share files using FTP link.

  1. Easy Join

It is one of the most popular sharing apps after Shareit. This app is also laden with excessive ads. The best feature of this app is an interactive interface with fast transfer of files.  It works on Android and iOS devices.  The transfer is fully encrypted.

  1. ES File Explorer

It uses the LAN network. Browsing files in this application are so simple for sharing. It uses the WI-FI direct for sharing of files. Both the sender and receiver should be on the same WiFi network.  Users can also choose other sending options such as Bluetooth, PC connects, etc. It can be seen as the best Shareit alternative.

The market of Shareit has shown exponential growth in recent time. The devices are discoverable in a range of about 80-100 feet.  It is a huge hit in small towns because of its seamless transfer. They are constantly working on bandwidth issues. The transfer of files through the online and offline medium is effective and fast. It works without the internet.

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